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Monday, 24 February 2014

Plus Donation V1.03 (Whatsapp+) Apk Full

Plus Donation V1.03 (Whatsapp+) Apk Full

This app simply indicates that you've donated
Your donation will help to support my work

Lets you use the hidden status feature on whats app
Use Lucky Patcher to Remove License Verification.

Procedure I followed:
Initially had stock play tore 4.0.27
removed whats app+ 3.35 and installed whatsapp+ 3.40d. Opened it and restored my backup.
had plus donation 1.01, tried to use it with whatsapp+ 3.40D, but it showed i need to update the plus donation app.
uninstalled plus donation 1.01 and then installed 1.03, and opened it. Then it said license verification failed.
used latest lucky patcher to remove license verification. Patch successful. Then tried to open plus donation from app drawer, and it said "thanks for your contribution."
now installed modded play store 4.0.27, which rebooted my mobile.
opened whatsapp+ 3.40D and enabled hidden status.


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