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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Epic Hearts Plus APK v1.0 Full Paid

Exceptional Content… 
-Detailed, evocative environments are a constantly delightful backdrop for this huge adventure. 
-Character design with heart—whichever of the three apprentices players choose is beautifully illustrated and possesses a unique personality and perspective. 
-Quests are crafted to enhance the player’s exploration of these magical worlds, with unique goals that progress the Epic Hearts storyline. 

…And Hours of Gameplay 
--A choice of three character types, each prepared to live and die as a hero for their cause. Players may choose the gunslinger, paladin, or swordsman as their character; each character type experiences Renobatio a bit differently. 
--Eight vast worlds must be made safe to ensure that the apprentice succeeds—each with their own unique themes, environments, mysteries, allies, and opponents to explore. 
--240 quests lead the apprentice onward and upward towards the fulfillment of the millennial ritual. 

Requires Android: 2.2 and Up

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