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Monday, 17 March 2014

Download Backup Master ROOT .

Backup Master Root Apk

BM (Backup master) backup was born, and professional problem solving and Android users to backup
application data! Since I lost my mother no longer worry about the data it!
Tips: To protect the user's product experience, you need to obtain permission to use Root.

dvantage backup master
★Most comprehensive backup machine
Contacts, text messages, games, archiving, application data, wifi settings can backup and restore.
★The most simple and convenient operation
Fresh and clean interface, without help, backup / restore only please mildly
★Safest and most reliable restore
Can backup can be restored without worrying about backup contents can not be restored.

1.Full backup of users' personal data
Including: contacts, text messages, call logs, browser bookmarks and history
2.Full backup of the machine's system settings
Including: ringtones, alarm clock, desktop wallpaper, desktop layout, WiFi settings
3.Full backup user gaming applications
Include: Game and filing the application itself
4.Full backup of the user's personal use
Include: the application itself and the data
The backup speed scanning items, the backup file is updated intelligence alert.

What's New:
1.Language support traditional Chinese.
2.Specific environment, optimize the interactive display problems.
3.Specific environment, scan showed incomplete problem.

                                   Download Backup Master Apk

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