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Friday, 14 March 2014

English Grammar Pro apk 1.0

Learn English grammar in easiest way without internet and without Advertisement. practice and Test your English grammar with different levels. With more than 300 Questions.

And the addition in this application is the WIDGET........
We are providing this application with widget also... so that you don't need to reopen the application every time...
For that just open the Tab of widgets from your phone and go to English Grammar widget... and just drag and drop the icon of the English Grammar ... You will get it...

This app contains following topics

Adjectives Apk
Adverbs Apk
Comparatives and Superlatives Apk
Gerund Apk
Infinitive Apk
Modal Verbs Apk
Noun Apk
Past Simple Apk
Past Continuous Apk
Present Continuous Apk
Present Simple Apk
Pronoun Apk
Reported Speech Apk
Some and Any Apk
Article Apk
Conjunctions Apk

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