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Friday, 18 April 2014

Cut the Rope: Experiments v1.7.1 Full APK

Cut the Rope: Experiments v1.7.1 Full APK
 Cut the ropes, give candy to Om Nom , collect stars and unlock new levels . Followed by the award winning mobile game Cut the Rope has come to Android! ZeptoLab Cut the Rope : Experiments has family and adorable little monster Om Nom who is discovered by a mad (but not bad) scientist determined to study their candy lovers behavior through a series of experiments.

Cut the ropes to release candy into Om Nom 's mouth 's , collect shiny gold stars and unlock new levels .

Join millions of people around the world and help the Professor and Om Nom get through these crazy experiences !

Main Features:
- 150 new experiments (levels) across 6 colorful new settings , with more to come !
- 6 groups of levels: Introduction , shooting Candy, Sticky Steps , Rocket Science and Bath time
- New gameplay elements , such as weapons cord , suction cups , and water rockets !
- New characters
- New story line that includes teacher comments
- New social integration : find hidden photo album on Facebook professor to share evidence.
- Achievements and rankings Scoreloop - compare your progress with other cable cutters around the world !

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