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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Fast & Furious 6: The Game by Kabam is racing Android app based on movie that provides new heights with beautiful graphics, new game modes, addictive online races and exciting journey or die missions. You use an overhead map of the city to seek out drag races, drift challenges, and driver coaching courses. Once you’ve deciphered which map icons are races, you’re good to go.

The racing isn’t far more than a minigame. As you accelerate you’ll must time your swipes to shift into higher gear; precise timing earns bursts of additional speed. You possibly can upgrade and customize your automotive in the garage by earning cash and gold “F” bars. Earning money by racing is the higher option to improve your ride, but you may only race about 5 instances earlier than you run out of gas.

The game starts off by dropping gamers behind the wheel and walks them by means of the process of a drag race. There are also drift races, which work an identical to drag races, but about midway by a race, the gear shift lever is changed with a drift button, and players must hold it as they float along curves. Profitable races and finishing challenges earns credits. These credit act as one of the in-game currencies and they can be used to buy practically everything within the game.

As players win races and advance to totally different areas of town, dearer automobiles become available. Players can also use their in-game credits to buy upgrades to their accessible cars. Gold can buy every part credit can, however may buy design changes and save time. There are various situations where gamers want to attend on account of an energy mechanic which limits how lengthy a person game session time. Overall, it is excellent game to play as well as Offroad Legends.

Game Features:

Take down a crew of lethally skilled mercenary drivers
Rule tournaments, race online, or join a crew and take on the world
1080p for hi-def gaming experience
Earn gold and coins by pulling thrilling heists
Collect, customize and upgrade a variety of high end licensed cars
Size: 233M
Version: 3.5.0
Developed By: Kabam

Download Links:

hxxp:/// (APK)
hxxp:// (DATA)
* Replace hxxp with http

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