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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim v1.3.0 Full APK

Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim v1.3.0 Full APK. Experience weapons of World War II like never before. WW2 Weaphones edition redefines what does the term first person shooter. Do not play the game, take part. Enter your device and experience what it's like to load , load, clear and shoot a gun .

With Weaphones WW2 , you can live your fantasies greater shooting and stay 100% safe . Weaphones offers some of the most iconic WW2 weapons fire , German Luger M1919 powered by American band . Many weapons are customizable ; add bayonets , fields, bipods and more ! If you do not know how to operate a particular weapon , check out our fully animated step by step tutorials .

High definition with bruises , pistols, rifles and machine guns battle , mechanical authentic weapons mixed with realistic smoke , recoil, flash and sound effects muzzle Weaphones has to do with realism. Everything is customizable according to the user. Resize the gun to put all controls within easy reach. Twist and turn the best suited to the device and the preference of the hand. On compatible devices, select the camera function with flash and further enhance your experience , relying on the power of the camera with built-in flash to simulate a real flash .

For the price of a Springfield .30-06 round you get everything . No place - or sells in- app - purchase, pure fun and free updates ( new weapons ) .

" Fire realistic , sound , smoke, Flash and Recoil effects
"Interaction and Full Control
" Mechanics of authentic weapons
" Custom Weapons
" No - Up sells or In- App - Shopping More you get all updates for free
" Detailed graphics Full HD
" Wear to fit the size of the hand and the user preferences
Lefty flip →
→ Rotate 180 °
→ Scale
→ Move
"User Variables adjustable
→ Unlimited Ammo
→ Auto -Reload
→ Weapon interference
→ Accelerometer Recharge
→ Camera with flash trigger
" Weapon status indicator ( " Why am I not in use ? " )
" Ultra Step by Step Activities for each Weaphone
Support »Multi -Touch , the accelerometer and camera Flash
"Future Driven social media content

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