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Friday, 18 April 2014

Overkill 2 +data v1.4 Full APK

Overkill 2 +data v1.4 Full APK. Do you like guns? Then you will love 2 Overkill !
More than 30 realistic weapons await you in this 3D action game , ready to be updated and used in intense battles . Edit your weapon the way you think it should be and act!
Overkill 2 is a great-looking shooter with a unique combination of user-friendly controls and challenging gameplay . It takes you to the city occupied by a deadly faction that only you and your rifle can make a difference.
Fight against tough opponents they will pay for every mistake . This is not a roller coaster ride , this is war! Luckily for you, you will have a vast arsenal of equipment and combat support elements at your disposal .
Be ready for customization and shoot pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and heavy machine guns and assault. If you aim a grenade launcher mounted boom after the baby is good for you! And when the course is evil, be sure to call a strike of air and destruction of the rain on the toughest enemies!
The main features of Overkill 2 in brief:
✓ 30 + realistic weapons in 3D are the most used in World War today
✓ multiple weapon upgrades with the tactical use
✓ intense action game with stunning graphics
✓ vast arsenal of armor and equipment
✓ A unique blend of easy to use controls and challenging gameplay
✓ combat shotguns , pistols, assault rifles, heavy machine guns and sniper rifles
✓ 3D bloodthirsty enemies
✓ drones mercilessly
✓ Survival Mode
✓ collections Gun
✓ with Gun
✓ Missions and Achievements
✓ callsigns
✓ leaders
✓ black market with unique weapons
✓ Explosions
✓ Blood &
✓ violence

Make no mistake about it : Overkill 2 is only for the most difficult shots. It will test your will, that will test your reflexes , you will sweat in places you do not even know.
Arm yourself to the teeth and see if you belong to the elite!++

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