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Saturday, 12 April 2014


~Are you tired of the Notifications are interrupting your music?~
~Very Simple & AD Free Interface~
~No any configuration required~
~Optional headphone start Bluetoooth or USB start in the settings menu~

Don't Pause was designed to keep your android device coming from pestering you when you are enjoying new music. For anyone who is enjoying new music by way of your current android telephone and you obtain a text as well as e-mail, automagically, Android pauses your current new music and also plays your notice. Don't Pause throughout the following. Don't Pause can work consistently as soon as you start off it and also when you are playing new music it immediately places your current signal on vibrate. When you finally conclude your current new music, Don't Pause immediately improvements your current establishing returning to the normal ringer. This app is related to "Shush! inches nevertheless We have used it one particular stage even more. As an alternative to allowing you to configure your app yourself, We have performed your work for you. Go ahead & download the Don't Pause.

Don't Pause Pro! v3.0
Require 2.1 and Up & File Size 1.9mb
What's New
3.0 -- Brand New Icon, very smaller notification icon, changed the action bar library to help the compatibility.


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