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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Anchor Watch APK v1.0.0

Anchor Watch APK
Requirements: 4.0+
This is an Anchor Watch provision. It is not difficult to utilize, you can basically animated the application after you have droped your grapple and readied the vessel.

You don't need to know the careful directions of the grapple, you just need the bearing and the separation to your stay, thats all.

This is the advertisement free form of the Anchor Watch (free) application

+ Text Message caution notice to an alternate telephone, usefull when aground

+ Background assignment help, caution is still dynamic when you utilize different applications

+ Drop grapple and modify alert effectively through drag & drop

+ Set progressed float range, extremely usefull when there are numerous pontoons on the port or you mooring between mooring young men

+ Fully logged off, doesn't require a web association

Consent utilized:

+ Fine GPS area: To screen your area

+ Send SMS: To send caution notices by means of Text Messages

+ Read contacts: Only used to lookup telephone numbers for Text Message notice

+ Wake lock: To get up telephone throughout caution

+ Vibrate: For the caution

                                                             Download Anchor Watch Apk

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